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Published: April 20th, 2016

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70+ Capsid Serotypes and Variants

75+ Promoters for selective and ubiquitous expression

350+ Transgenes available in our library, or choose custom cDNA synthesis/cloning







AAV serotype

Capsid mutations

Cell tropism


AAV1 RPE Burger et al.
AAV2 RPE, RGC Acland et al.; Guy et al.1
AAV2(444) Y444F RPE, RGC Petrs-Silva et al.1
AAV2(double) Y444F, Y730F RPE, RGC Petrs-Silva et al.2
AAV2(triple) Y444F+Y500F+Y730F RGC, PR Petrs-Silva et al.2
AAV2(quad) Y272F+Y444F+Y500F+Y730F RGC, PR, VEC Petrs-Silva et al.2; Cai et al.
AAV2(sext) Y252F+Y272F+Y444F+Y500F+Y704F+Y730F Kidney Petrs-Silva et al.2; Qi, YF et al.
AAV2(sept) Y252F+Y272F+Y444F+Y500F+Y700F+Y704F+Y730F RGC, PR, VEC Petrs-Silva et al.2; Ruan et al.
AAV2(quadY-F)+T-V Y272F+Y444F+Y500F+Y730F+T491V RGC, BP, BP, VEC Kay et al.; Scalabrino et al.; Boyd et al.2
AAV2(4pMut) Y444F+Y500F+Y730F+T491V RGC, PR Boye et al.3 Boyd et al.1
AAV5 PR, RPE, Cornea, Brain Boye et al.1; Beltran et al.; Mohan et al.; Burger et al.
AAV5(719) Y719F PR, RPE Michalakis et al.
AAV6-shh10 shh10 Muller cells Klimczak et al.
AAV6 (3p Mut) (705+731F+T492V
AAV6 (3p Mut)-532N Y705+731F+T492V+D532N
AAV6 (db S-V) S663V+S551V
AAV6 (db Y-F)+T-V Y705F+Y731F+T492V
AAV6 (S663V+T-V) S663V+T492V
AAV8 PR Allocca et al.
AAV8(447) Y447F PR Petrs-Silva et al.1
AAV8(733) Y733F PR, RPE Petrs-Silva et al.1; Pang et al.; Boye et al.2Deng et al.
AAV8(doubleYF) Y447F+Y733F) PR Kay et al.
AAV8(doubleYF+T-V) Y447F+Y733F+T494V) PR, Brain Kay et al.
AAV9 PR, Liver, Heart Lebherz et al.; Sarkar et al.


Promoter name


(plasmid names)


Target cell type



CMV Cytomegalovirus immediate early promoter


~600bps most cell types Can undergo silencing in-vivo Zolotukhin et al. 1996; Zolotukhin et a. 1999

aka: CB, CAG

Hybrid CMV/Chicken beta actin promoter 1720bps most cell types Contains 381bps version of CMV i.e. enhancer Acland et al. 2001; Cideciyan et al. 2008

aka: small CBA

Truncated CBA promoter 953bps most cell types Chimeric Intron collapsed.

Used for ScAAV

Pang et al. 2008;

aka: mOP, mRHO, MOPS500

Proximal murine rhodopsin promoter ~500bps Photoreceptors, primarily rods Flannery et al. 1997;

aka: hGRK, hRK, RK1

Human rhodopsin kinase 1 promoter 292bps Photoreceptor, rods and cones (mouse and primate) Does not transduce cones in dog Khani et al. 2007; Boye et al. 2010; Boye et al. 2012

aka: hIRBP241

Human inter-photoreceptor retinoid binding protein/Retinol-binding protein 3 241bps Photoreceptors, rods and cones (mouse and dog) Beltran et al. 2012

aka: CHOPS2053

Human red opsin promoter ~2100bps L and M cones Alexander et al. 2007; Mancuso et al. 2009; Komaromy et al. 2010
IRBP/GNAT2 hIRBP enhancer fused to cone transducin alpha promoter 524bps L/M and S cones Efficiently transduces all classes of cones

Aka: BEST1

Human vitelliform macular dystrophy/Bestrophin 1 promoter 625bps RPE Highly selective for RPE Deng et al. 2012

aka: VEcadherin

VE-cadherin/Cadherin 5 (CDH5)/CD144 promoter 2530bps Vascular endothelial cells Cai et al. 2011; Qi et al. 2012



(table lists in stock options; custom cloning and DNA synthesis are available)

Name Description/Locus species notes Reference
hGFP “humanized” green fluorescent protein NA Zolotukhin et al. 1996
RFP Red fluorescent protein NA
mCherry NA Absorb/emiss: 587nm/610nm Ryals et al. 2011
CRE Cre recombinase P1 Bacteriophage Kaneko et al. 2011
BDNF Pease et al. 2009
CNTF Ciliary neurotrophic factor Mouse and rat Bok et al 2002: Pease et al. 2009
GDNF Glial cell derived neurotrophic factor human McGee et al. 2001
XIAP X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein/BIRC/BIRC4 human Potent anti-apoptotic agent McKinnon et al. 2002; Petrin et al. 2003
PEDF Pigment epithelium derived factor human Potent inhibitor of neo-vascularization Raisler et al. 2002
PDE6B Rod phosphodiesterase subunit beta mouse Pang et al 2008; Pang et al. 2011
RPE65 RPE-specific 65 kDa protein Human and dog Acland et al. 2001; Pang et al. 2006; Cideciyan et al. 2008
Myc_RPE65 Myc tagged hRPE65 human Recognized by anti-Myc antibody
GNAT1 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(t) subunit alpha-1/rod transducin alpha mouse Deng et al. 2009
GNAT2 cone transducin alpha mouse Alexander et al. 2007
MERTK Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase MER human Deng et al. 2012
ChR2 Channelrhodopsin-2/CHOP2 Chlamydomonas Doroudchi et al. 2011
ChR2-mCherry Channelrhodopsin-2 fused to mCherry   ChR2 is functional
sENG Soluble Edoglin human